About AJ Graphics


I worked in the TV3 News Graphics Department and later their Promos department for 9 years.

I'm from Wellington, New Zealand. My original tertiary qualifications are in telecommunications electronics. I've worked in telecommunications electronics in London, as well as in journalism, broadcast television, graphic design, motion picture and television electronic and electromechanical special F/X and tertiary education.


I'm a qualified tertiary lecturer. I taught graphic design at UCOL from 2005 - 2009.
Currently I live in the Wairarapa District and freelance in 3D animation, video, digital graphics, electronic special F/X, Linux and web design.

I'm also responsible for the audio/video requirements of exhibitors and conferences at Aratoi, the Wairarapa District's regional art gallery/museum.

I have exhibited in several galleries around the Wairarapa, either by myself or joint exhibitions with other Wairarapa artists.


I've mounted three gallery exhibitions since 2008.

I'm currently designing custom 3D on-line art galleries, created in Photoshop Maya 3D and implemented using HTML, PHP, MySQL and Javascript. I've already created a number of off-the-shelf galleries which artists can populate with their own art, and will add more over time. Such galleries are already available offshore, but mine is currently the only locally owned and operated solution.

I'm also interested in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) image creation programs like Dall-E, specifically how they can be incorporated into website and gallery designs.

In my spare time I restore vintage British Cars.

Past Work, Showreel, other Videos

All of the 3D imagery was created by me using Maya 3D, 3D Studio Max or Lightwave, except the Featherston Military Training Camp footage, which was a joint effort between me and Gerad Taylor.

I used either Discrete Combustion and Discrete Edit or Adobe Creative Suite for post-production. All video was shot, mixed, edited, mastered to DVD where necessary by me. I can put your video on YouTube or any other digital medium.


Website address here: